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Environmental Strategist- Part 4- Developing and Executing an Environmental Management Strategy

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Environmental Strategist Package | Environmental Strategist Package
ABEN Masters |  Environmental Issues |  Professional Development |  Professional Development - Planning & Strategy
Chris Bunbury
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Please note - this class is Part 4 in a series of 4 classes and once all 4 classes are completed please see the instructions under the materials section for designation testing!


Training Module #4

Length: 50 minutes


environmental Management Strategy (eMS) The Environmental Management Strategy (EMS) shows insurance professionals, by proactively addressing the environmental issues impacting their clients/prospects they not only bring more value added service to the table but they improve the quality of their product offering.  Every business is impacted by environmental exposures but due to a lack of education most insurance professionals are not discussing the issues.  The eS eMS is the starting point for agent’s client’s environmental education.  An eMS focuses on four areas businesses can be impacted by environmental exposures, 1.  What is coming in your front door, 2. What is going on inside your corporate walls, 3.  What is going out your back door, 4.  Who are your neighbors


EMS Benefits:

REDUCE: Liability exposures, labor cost, compliance cost, training cost, paper use, legal cost, accounting cost, insurance cost, banking cost, vendor cost, research cost, disposal cost.

IMPROVE:  Global competitiveness, public relations, employee morale, lobbying efforts, coordination of environmental services, waste recycling, TEAM development, profit center development, outsourcing efficiency.

INCREASE:  Stock value



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Chris Bunbury's Profile

Chris Bunbury Related seminars and products: 4

Environmental Strategist

Environmental Risk Managers, Inc.

J. Christopher Bunbury

environmental Strategist™


Chris Bunbury, Environmental StrategistÔ (eS) is President of  environmental Strategist, Inc. (eSI) and Environmental Risk Managers, Inc. (ERMI).


In 1988 Chris began his environmental risk management career.  For more than 20 years Chris has assisted a wide spectrum of client’s that work at nuclear facilities (Los Alamos, Hanford, Oak Ridge, Rocky Flats), direct disaster relief work such as the forensic disposal of the World Trade Center to hurricane Katrina, environmental engineers and remediation contractors, to agricultural operations, real estate developers and owners, manufacturers, municipalities, contractors and even a golf course that annually hosts one of professional golf’s four major tournaments. 


The broad spectrum of educational and practical experience gained over the years is the foundation for Chris launching environmental Strategist, Inc. and Environmental Risk Managers, Inc. during the 1990’s.


environmental Strategist, Inc. (eSI) conducts research and educates businesses on environmental efficiency and risk management to drive growth and profits in today’s business environment.  eSI seminars are approved for CE and also CIC Advanced Ruble Seminars.    


Environmental Risk Managers, Inc. is a national environmental insurance wholesaler working with property and casualty insurance agents. 



Chris Bunbury, eS

Phone:  231-256-2122    Email:



Wed, Oct 21, 2020 - 01:00pm to 01:55pm CDT
Wed, Nov 18, 2020 - 01:00pm to 01:55pm CST
Wed, Dec 16, 2020 - 01:00pm to 01:55pm CST

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MI - This course is approved for 1 hr CE - Course# 72313

UT - This course is approved for 1 hr CE - Course# 32287

KS - This course is approved for 1 hr CE - Course# 990894 1-GEN - Note -  KAIA will file your earned CE electronically within 10 business day after course completions

NY - This course is approved for 1 hr CE - Course # NYCR 247249

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Pamela W

"Very good info."

James H - Greenwood Village, Colorado

"I felt like the first 3 courses were much more informative - the scenarios and survey were too drawn out"

G Daneil G - Pittsford, New York

"Good course kept my attention the entire hour"

Jan K - Fayetteville, New York

"Watermark is too bold making it hard to read some of the slides Other iwse - great course"

Neil P

"Good course"

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